Why “In Due Season?”

I have wanted for years to write a book. Well, this is my substitute for that, or perhaps my first installment.  I decided years ago I would title my book “In Due Season” based on my life verse, Gal.6:9, which says, “Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you do not grow weary.(or give up) This verse means a lot to me.  I find when I am involved in “well doing”, or serving others, I sometimes grow weary & I want to give up & quit!  I want to just sit & do nothing instead of cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, & then doing it all again.  Sometimes people seem to appreciate what I do, & that makes me feel like it’s worth the effort.  But even in those times I can still grow weary of it all.  But, there is a promise in the verse.  We shall reap if we do not grow weary & quit.  But, we do not reap the harvest as soon as we plant.  No, we reap in due season, when the harvest has time to become ripe.  In other words, when the time is right.

An example of this is I want my children to be fully mature & serving the Lord.  I want them to be successful in every area of their lives.  I want to see myself in that mature state as well!  But, there is s process in developing that maturity that takes time to happen, & it is painfully slow!  And so I get discouraged.  But, I must walk by faith through the process, not by what I see at any particular time.

In my own life & in the lives of others I am involved with as far as sowing into their lives, there must be planting, watering, weeding, fertilizing, etc.  It is a lot of hard work & calls for consistency.  And it humbles me to realize that no matter how diligently I work, it is God who causes the seeds to grow, mature, & ripen into usefulness & beauty.  And, it is done in His time, not mine.  And, sometimes when things seem to be going well, He sends a storm or a drought that causes all my work to seemingly be in vain.  It looks like all is lost.  But, even the losses are sent or allowed by Him because we can learn more from the losses sometimes, than from great success.  If we respond to His grace in the hard times , we learn to trust Him more.  We grow closer to Him, and that is a harvest in itself.

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